Coastal, Marine and Island Biodiversity



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2010 Live Reef Fish Report

Palawan Reef Fish


Apulit Island

Marine resource assessment for sustainable management of Apulit Island, West Sulu Sea, Palawan,Philippines

Benjamin J. Gonzales, Roger G. Dolorosa, Honorio B. Pagliawan and Maria Mojena G. Gonzales

Puerto Princesa Bay and Honda Bay, Palawan: An Ecological Profile

Puerto Princesa Bay and Honday Bay

Benjamin J. Gonzales, Ph.D.

Baseline Coastal Report (SEMP Reports) 2

Baseline Coastal Report on the Municipalities of Palawan


Marine resource assessment for sustainable utilization of Snake Island,Palawan,Philippines 

Snake Island

Benjamin J.Gonzales, Honorio B. Pagliawan, Joel G. Becira,

Maria Mojena G. Gonzales